Landcare 25 years: wiki

The Landcare wiki lets people freely create and edit Landcare information and provide links with other relevant web pages. Become a part of the online Landcare story and share your history

What is it?

A wiki is a a website that allows people to add and edit content directly online

This wiki has been set up so the Landcare community can provide a history of how Landcare started and grew in their area. It's an opportunity to collect a history of this grass-roots organisation that is collaborative and personal.

How do I use it?

When using this wiki, there are two options: create your own text and add it to the story or edit existing text.

The instructions on how to do this are here

How long do I have to contribute to the Landcare wiki?

The wiki will be open until December 2011

Where will the Landcare wiki go?

The wiki will remain an online record of Landcare through the years, to commemorate this important milestone and celebrate the meaning of Landcare - collaboration and community.

Where do I add my information?

You can go to the 'Landcare - The Story' page and add your contents, or you can add another page either here, or in the 'Landcare Stories' section.

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